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PostSubject: Welcome!    Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:32 am

Hello and welcome to the forums. It is here where members can talk, organize activities/events and keep up to date with the guild. Here is a brief overview of what the guild is all about:

The Vanguard Legion is a guild with many attributes; friendly, social, active, helpful, and innovative. We are currently a primarily PvE guild, focusing on GCC, dungeons and general PvE. PvP, at the moment, is a rather small portion of the guild and is done whenever members feel they want to. However, as time goes on, PvP will become a rather important portion of the guild with WvWvW activities being organized, as well as structured PvP. When the guild has taken some sort of shape, I expect the percentage of the guild to be 70% PvE and 30% PvP but these are just figurative and liable to change/fluctuate.

Hopefully that has given you some insight into what the Vanguard Legion is about; if not, then please feel free to contact me.
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